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So glad they snubbed Superman
In all the hullabaloo about the Oscar noms coming out, I didn't realize that "Waiting for Superman" got nothing, no nomination atall. It makes total sense to me why it wouldn't, but it seemed like a shoe-in since it was "taking the country by storm" and all that kind of shit. This article was on Ebert's Twitter feed and he mentioned it in a way that made it sound like he's rethinking the film.

I'm GLAD and I hope the snub by Oscar will bring the problems with this movie, and by extension, with the Department of Education's (DoE) strategies to light. I KNOW our education system is fucked up. I KNOW we have problems with our school system and our teachers. The problem is, this movie, and the strategies the DoE are suggesting In fact, many of them will make the problem worse. The article summarizes the problems with the movie and points to Diane Ravitch's review of "Waiting for Superman." Her review is long, but really goes in-depth into why the DoE is flawed in it's ideas. Here's the summary article:

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I'm bookmarking this link to read at home, when I have time to actually focus on it. Thanks for sharing.

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