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I was doooooooooomed!
I am a big giant geek, I always have been, and always will be. And I realized the other day that I was dooooooomed from the start.

Take for example this conversation between my Mom and I on the IMs (Note: I was a red shirted Vulcan for Halloween this year):

Me: ooh, the halloween costume came in last night! still waiting on our ears tho
Mom: oh cool - where are the ears from? do the finger thing - live long and prosper
Me: also from Amazon, just shipping in a separate packag
Me: *package
Mom: have you achieved Kol-i-nar?
Me: I can do the finger thing very well, so that's good
Mom: good, not everyone can do it, another genetic trait
Me: I think I may have a bit too much emotion for Kilinar
Mom: wahhh! boohoo! i'm (sniff) so sorry for you. i laugh hysterically bc i achieved it years ago (neener neener)
Me: ha!

See, dooooooomed!


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