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Trip to Denver
Ryo-oki carrot
This one probably won't be interesting to anyone but me. I like to write down what I eat when I go out of town because I loves the food so much. I went to Denver by train in October w/ my family and we had so much fun!

Here is a nice list of all the food we had:
Day 1 - mostly on the train
Breakfast: Amtrak Dining Car
Lunch: Amtrak Lounge Car (I believe mine was a hamburger)
Dinner: Good Time Burgers

Day 2 - Zoo! It was free day!
Breakfast: Free breakfast in our hotel, a pretty decent buffet
Lunch: Bruggers Bagels because we were on our way to the Zoo!
Dinner: Leela's, yummy stuff! I had a pesto wrap thinger, had dinner w/ our friend Bobby

Day 3 - Children's Museum
Breakfast: Again free breakfast in our hotel
Lunch: At the Aquarium right next to the Children's Museum, seemed like a good idea because the Aquarium was really expensive, but the food wasn't badly priced, so we saw fish and ate decent food, got the Aquarium experience and didn't have to pay $15 a person to get it
Dinner: Bayou Bob's (I LURVE this place, so yummeh!)

Day 4 - Museum of Science and Nature (one of the most awesome museums I've ever seen!)
Breakfast - hotel
Lunch - Museum cafe, it was pretty good! Tho crowded, my daughter had a little lunch tray that was sooper cute!
Dinner - Obento
We accidentally got off the bus in the middle of the largest zombie walk in the world (it really actually broke records!). It was quite hilarious!

Day 5 - goin' home
Breakfast: hotel for the last time!
Lunch - we grabbed Lunchables at Walgreen's to eat on the train
Dinner - Dining car

There we go! Now I can look back at this someday and sigh and be all happy and remember-y.

I forgot I had some text that I wrote to a friend about the trip that I wanted to put here too. Here it is:

Well, we took the train out, Mari FUCKING loved it! She did so well! There was 1 little tantrumy thing in the whole 15 hour trip! And the hotel was really nice, right downtown and had free hot breakfast, free cocktail hour, we had a dining room table, fully stocked kitchen, it was great!

The first day we went to the Zoo, it was really crowded, it's about 2x as big as our zoo, was very cool, then that night we went out w/ my friend Bobby and his girlfriend and her 2 daughters, then Friday we went to the Children's Museum which is fabulous, lots of great stuff to play w/ and Mari had such a good time, we had lunch in the Aquarium which is right by the Kid's museum but is very expensive, so we just had lunch there and watched the big ol' aquariums that you could see from the lunch area

Then Sat we went to the Museum of Nature and Science which is just about the coolest damn museum I've ever seen, seriously! It has a planetarium, we saw a star show, and they had a Mars diorama thing that was huge w/ glass in front of it, a dood in an astronaut costume would come out and pretend he was on Mars in 2047 conducting experiments, Mari was FASCINATED w/ it, she loved it so much! then we saw dinosaurs, mummies, there was a science experiment area, it was just so cool, that night my friend came over to hang out that I went to high school with, he brought some beers he had brewed, they were really good, then the train home which was again fabulous!

We were right next to the 16th Street mall, oh and there was a huge record breaking zombie walk that we accidentally walked into on Sat, the official count was 7,300 zombies, it was hilarious! we were just trying to get some dinner, hee!


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