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My day planner
I still have a physical day planner. I know, I know, I need to get with the program and put it all in my Blackberry and Google calendar and sync them, etc, etc. I really have no excuse as to why I haven't done that.

I am only using 10% of my Blackberry's talent, just as I supposedly only use 10% of my brain (not true!

I love my day planner though, and call it George and, of course, perform all of the things that go along with calling it George.

My point is not to admit my failing as a physical day planner person here. As I was writing out my list of things to do along the side, I thought it would be interesting to show my list from January 2010 and compare it to the one I just wrote. Then everyone can see just how much I've been able to get done in the last year! How exciting!

Here is the January 2010 list (note: I have written small explanations in parentheses so it might actually make sense):
1. Medicalert - Jenonit (I am fatally allergic to penicillin so I have a bracelet, but I need a new one because the phone number on it is for my Stepdad who died in 2005, so I thought I'd put my friend Jen on it, but have since revised that in my head to put Alex on it, but haven't yet gotten around to revising the To Do list entry to say "Alexonit")

2. Kushiel Dart (Some of you may know what this is, it's a book series. My friend suggested it to me and I haven't quite gotten around to reading it yet. But I will! I swear!)

3. Alex dentist (Need to find Alex a dentist that actually takes our seriously lame-ass plan that no dentist seems to want to take.)

4. Vet (The cats need to get their little check-up)

5. Mole? (Someone needs to look at the mole on my back and see if it has taken over yet.)

6. XSPs (This stands for Xmas Secret Projects, something I really should have been done with a bit earlier than January 2010.)

7. FSA '08-'09 (Federal Spending Account for that year, they were trying to get me to pay myself or themselves back so I could pay myself, or something like that.)

I'm quite proud of myself in retrospect that my list was not too bad. 

Now, let's move to December 2010 and see how I did!
1. Medicalert (Hmmm, well, at least I took the Jenonit off, though I haven't quite gotten around to adding the Alexonit. Maybe once I add the Alexonit, I will actually get the damn thing and my life will be saved!)

2. Kushiel Dart (Um, note to Shauna, I will read it! I swear!)

3. Alex dentist (We seriously have the most lame-ass dental plan in the world, I did honestly work on this, but never found one. We've since talked about getting a more expensive plan for one year, getting everything possible done that we can get done, and then canceling the plan.)

4. Vet (Okay, no I'm not an animal abuser. Here's the deal, they don't really need check-ups every year AND they don't get shots every year either because one of them is allergic to the vaccines. I'm not evil, I swear!)

5. Go through clothes (This one made an appearance when we moved, I thought it would be a good idea to go through my clothes and get rid of some. We moved in May, but I haven't quite gotten around to this yet.)

6. Cull stuff (Yeah, that was for the move too, um, next?)

7. Unpack (Ummm, yeah, ginntonnix?)

8. Shannon Hale - author (Another book series suggested to me, I need to just stop writing these down!)

9. Monthly menu (I had some bright idea that I could create a monthly menu for 7 people eating organic, whole-grain, healthy food for under $100. It's been on my list for months and months because that hasn't quite happened yet.)

10. Novel (I woke up in the middle of the night with the first sentence of a novel running through my head. I wrote it down, started an outline, but haven't quite finished the novel yet. But hey, this one is only new for THIS year, so I've still got time.)

11. Holiday gifts (A little more appropriate name since I don't celebrate Xmas anyway, AND is a bit more timely, good for me!)

12. Linux (This is here to remind me to learn all of Linux.)

13. Blogs (Post to your blogs! which happens here every so often, not the other blogs I have, oog!)

14. Day planner refill (So the vicious cycle can continue! This one is ordered and en route, but I don't feel justified crossing it off until I have it in my hot little hands.)

15. Playgroup @ our house (For kids, not adults. How my life has changed since I have become a parent. *sigh*)

Okay, that was INCREDIBLY boring! Sorry! But you now have insights into my brain a little bit, I guess. Too bad I'm only using 10% of it, can you imagine how boring my list would be if I used more than 10%? Wow!

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Kushiel: READ IT!!!! Now. :)

And if you want the name of my dermatologist, let me know. He was really cool about explaining what moles to be worried about and what ones not.

Did you not notice it was off the list in December 2010? I took it off because it hasn't gotten any bigger in a year, so I'm all good.

I'll read it! I'll read it!

LOL. I got tripped up a bit in the reading. Kinda slow sometimes. :D

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